Scholarships Maguire Fund

Scholarships for deserving students covering the fees in whole or in part will be offered by the Maguire Fund in memory of Hugh and Tricia Maguire, co-founders of the course.

The final decision as to how the awards are distributed rests with the teaching staff, on the basis of the artistic curriculum and the economic status of the candidate.

Applications must to be sent to and should include:

  • cover letter stating why you are applying for the scholarship;
  • the family’s most recent tax-return;
  • recent recording(s) through free file-sharing web site (to “” ) or in digital format by post (to “Associazione Xenia Ensemble – lungo Po Antonelli 17, 10153 Torino”)

Applications must be submitted from April 1st to not later than May 15th 2021.


The Maguire Fund has been created in memory of our great friends and co-founders of the course Tricia  and Hugh Maguire.

They have been an integral part of the course since its inception in 1998, and over the years they have continuously sustained and advised us all, teachers and students of the Xenia Chamber Music Course. We cannot forget how generous they have been, sharing with us their practical experience and wisdom, as well as their sense of humour.

These vivid memories and our indebtedness to Tricia and Hugh’s generous spirits lie behind the idea of a more tangible memorial with the creation of the Maguire Fund, whose principle aim is to provide scholarships to young musicians wishing to attend the course and in need of financial support

Any contributions to the fund, big or small will be most welcome. If you wish to make a donation, please send to the Associazione Xenia Ensemble bank account

IBAN: IT65B0335967684510700170615
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* For any other information, please contact us at the web-mail adresse

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