Set up in 1998 by Christine Anderson, Eilis Cranitch, Elizabeth Wilson, in collaboration with Hugh and Tricia Maguire, Adrian Petcu and Macha Yanouchevsky, the XENIA CHAMBER MUSIC COURSE, this year in its 19th year, is an established international course well-knowned for the quality and richness of the music making program and for the care and attention given to all participants.


NEWS 2019!

25 luglio – 4 agosto 2019
Cantalupa (TORINO)
The course concentrates as usual on an intense immersion into the world of chamber music. Our recipe of a programme of string quartets, ensembles and orchestra leads to three student concerts, as well as a masterclass with the famed teacher Antonello Farulli, and one Xenia and friends staff concert.
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February 20th- 24th2019 sees the new Mini-Course J.Naujalis International Chamber Music Coursetake place in Kaunas, Lithuania, a initiative undertaken by Xenia Chamber Music Course, Ilona Klusaite and the Kaunas Juozas Naujalis Music Gymnasium.
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The Xenia Chamber Music Course, sees two new “pilot proposals” to be held throughout 2018-2019 in Turin, Italy
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From this year (2017) Simon Rowland Jones has become Honorary President of the Xenia Chamber Music Course. The distinguished viola player and chamber musician, Simon Rowland Jones, was a founder member of the Chilingirian string quartet, with which he played for 10 years. Simon is also a gifted composer, a renowned teacher of viola and chamber music, and an experienced editor. In the quartet world, is his authoratitve edition of Haydn string quartets published by Peters Edition has received international acclaim. In his visits to our course he has generously shared his deep understanding of quartet music and given us inspiration. We are honoured that he has agreed to take on the role of honorary president!
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The Xenia Chamber Music Course at Pracatinat and Concorda course in Kilkenny, Eire have had a long association, not least through their founder members, Hugh Maguire, Adrian Petcu and Tricia Maguire. Many generations of Irish students have come to attend our course, and in addition our students have been able to attend the Concorda course. This association continues today, with André Swanepoel as the representative from Concorda on the staff at Pracatinat.
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Law 124

In base a quanto previsto dall’art. 1, comma 125, della legge n. 124 del 4 agosto 2017 “Legge annuale per il mercato e la concorrenza” e ripreso al punto 12 “Obblighi dei soggetti ammessi a finanziamento” dell’avviso pubblico di finanziamento l.r. 44/2000 art. 124 comma 1) b) 4) Anno 2018 a sostegno dei progetti di educazione permanente a carattere regionale 2018, si pubblica quanto segue:
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