Elizabeth Wilson

Welcome to our blog, dear friends and participants past and present of the Xenia Chamber Music course.

The blog is run by the Xenia core team but we hope to involve as many of you as possible. We are asking teachers and guests of honour- our “regulars” and those many others who have taught at the course over the years to make contributions, lend insights into their understanding of the repertoire,  and to tell us stories relating to their own concert  experience. 

Giorgia Delorenzi

During our enforced lockdown, we feel the need to keep in contact with our friends and our students- past and present-, and to share our thoughts with you. That means we want your input too! Your comments and ideas will allow us to enter into a wide on-line dialogue, so we can discuss and discover more about something we share in common: a love of chamber music for strings. Naturally at the centre is the string quartet, with its fabulous possibilities and amazing repertoire.

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